Revista Psihologie nr. 3-4, 2017


Victoria Plămădeală. Theoretical guidelines on the loneliness of young adults

Diana Ștefăneț. The characteristics of adolescents timidity phenomenon

Violeta Vrabii. Necessity of personal development by self motivation and self effectiveness in teaching work

Narcisa Gianina Caranfil. Some aspects of the maladjustment of contemporary adolescents to schooling tasks

Victoria Maximciuc, Ina Cenușa. The stimulation of language development in children with autist spectrum disorder

Lilia Lașcu. Study on the self-management competence of student learning activity

Mihai Şleahtițchi. The problem of social representation object: concerns and solutions

Lucia Savca. The domestic violence on children

Svetlana Haraz. Measuring level of acceptance of people with disabilities and their families

Mariana Zubenschi. Socio-professional aspects of work balance system approach

Victoria Gonța. The problem of the object of the social representation: concerns and solutions (reviewal)

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