„PSYCHOLOGY”, the scientific-practical journal was founded in 2007, on the initiative of the President of Psychologists Practitioners Association from Moldova, PhD and Associate Professor Lucia SAVCA, with a small group of management board members. The journal is a periodical scientific publication, intended to inform scientists in the field, with advanced and original research results, fundamental and valuable investigations from all areas of psychology.

The journal is registered at the Ministry of Justice with reference number 212 on 08 June, 2007. The scientific-practical journal „Psychology” maintains a website: http://psihologie.key.md/, being certified by the National Book Chamber of Moldova (www.bookchamber.md), with ISSN 1857-2502 PRINT and E-ISSN 2537-6276 ON-LINE and included in the list of scientific journals at the National Library: http://catalog.bnrm.md/opac/bibliographic_view/597863, of the National Bibliometric Institute: https://ibn.idsi.md/vizualizare_revista/85. Academy of Sciences of Moldova, scientific journals list: Lista revistelor ştiinţifice editate de organizaţiile din sfera ştiinţei şi inovării (Categoria C, nr. 47).

Since 2009, the journal is accredited by the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development of the Academy of Sciences and the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation with number 61, in 2009.04.30, from 2009.12.24-2013.10.30 and with number 270, in 2013.10.21, from 2013.10.31-2017.10.31, being assigned the scientific publication category “C” in the field of psychology: Lista Revistelor Stiinţifice acreditate de CNAA din Republica Moldova.

The proceeding volumes is managed by an editorial board composed by 19 researchers, PhDs and Associate Professors in Psychology and Pedagogy of higher educational academic institutions from the Republic of Moldova and abroad as Romania and Ukraine, which actively participates in reviewing and approving materials, as well as an editorial team responsible for journal edition, assured by 9 members, headed by the chief editor, two deputy editors and two scientific editors.

From 2009th, the first accreditation year of „PSYCHOLOGY” journal, it was published 26 numbers of scientific periodicals, with 4 journals per year, that includes about 262 articles (you could view a specimen in pdf on the National Bibliometric Institute site: https://ibn.idsi.md/ro/vizualizare_revista/85; on the journal website –  http://psihologie.key.md/, on the National Library site: http://catalog.bnrm.md/opac/bibliographic_view/597863. 39 article from the period of 2007-2008 are not restored yet on the journal site, but they are in the National Library: all print periodicals, from 2007 until the present time, could be found at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova. The articles proposed for edition are subscribed by the 343 authors from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Azerbaijan, and other countries.

Yearly, the journal publishes over 800 copies, which are free distributed to the most prestigious libraries from the country and abroad, at higher education institutions and other interested partners. Also, “Psychology” is distributed free professionals participating in conferences organized by the Association of Psychologists Practitioners in Moldova.

The scientific-practical journal “Psychology” is included in the subscription register of the Moldovan Post Office with index subscription: PM 32009, where the stakeholders, educational institutions, psychologists, and libraries from the country could contract it at the post offices as: PressInformCurier; MoldPres and S.A. Deleu Delei.

The interested persons in publishing scientific materials could send the digital papers to the chief editor: luciasavca@mail.ru or to the deputy editor mariavirlan@yahoo.com. Scientific works submitted for publication must be current and meet the requirements strictly under compliance with the submitted rules of the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation towards scientific articles. The author retains full copyright and does not pay any fee for the materials publication.

We are committed and believe that „Psychology” is an advantageous and valuable journal for local and foreign scientists, researchers from different fields of psychology and practitioners in disseminating the advanced experience. Also, the magazine is appropriate for teachers, educators, parents and anyone interested in psychology field, personality development and trainings at different age periods, in solving internal personal and interpersonal problem etc.

We are welcome for your suggestions.

With all respect the editorial board.

Legal address: bd. Moscow 12/2-61, Chișinău 2068, Republic of Moldova; phone: 373 022 491314