Goals and objectives

The scientific – practical journal “PSYCHOLOGY” – it’s a scientific and practical journal in the field, quarterly published, with print version ISSN 1857-2502 and on line E-ISSN 2537-6276, with Bcategory.

English name: „PSYCHOLOGY”, the scientific-practical journal

Editor: The Association of Psychologists Practitioners from Moldova

Registration certificate: Nr. 212 from 08.06.2007, at the Ministry of Justice from the Republic of Moldova

Subscription index at the Moldovan Post: PM 32009

Periodicity: 4 times per year

Year of publication: from 2007

The journal full-text electronic version is published on the website: http://psihologie.key.md. The published electronic version is an open access journal. PSYCHOLOGY, the scientific – practical journal:

PSYCHOLOGY, the scientific – practical Journal has the aim to disseminate the results of advanced and authentic research, fundamental and valuable investigations of scholars and researchers National Institute Bibliometric hers from the country and abroad, in different branches of psychology. The journal publishes articles which are highlighting the most relevant topics in all areas of psychology as: Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Work Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy etc.

The journal are covering all aspects of scientific researches, surveys conducted in various branches of psychology, publishes original scientific papers, review articles, practical and synthesis papers, surveys conducted by scientists and practitioners which are using authentic diagnostics methods as psychological recovery, prevention of mental health etc.

The journal main objectives are:

  • inform about the major events and emerging trends in the various branches of psychology;

  • disseminate the scientific achievements of scientists and researchers from the country and abroad;

  • assert the comprehensive and most controversial issues from different field of psychology;

  • support the authors of psychological evidence-based research materials, which are using the most progressive methods of diagnosis, counseling, prevention, remediation and psychotherapy;

  • facilitate the access to the science base materials, by developing, dissemination and presentation of the scientific methods of psychological assistance;

  • engage the young creative researchers and scholars to participate in the development of applied psychology;

  • arrange a dialogue with experts from the branches of psychology ;

  • support the integrative tendencies of applied research methods in counseling, psychological diagnosis, psychotherapy and psycho-correction; the articulation of differences between research methods and strategies of national and abroad influences;

  • furthermore about particular approaches of problems by various schools of psychology;

  • disseminate the ethical norms complied in all activity dimension of applied psychology, in advancement of cultural norms (ethical rules, legal, linguistic and other patterns of professional conduct and communication).

The scientific journal has the aim to provide an easy access in publishing valuable and genuine scientific researches.

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